The Trade Copier at abalgorithm has been powering higher in January. The returns now clock 15% for the month. This brings total returns to 53%. The system is slow and steady daily adder of returns. No great hurry and no marying of positions.

The equity curve has been rising stable since launch in Nov. Before we launched in November, we had extensively tested the system. The system has seen all markets since 2006 and therefore nothing is new to it.

The float P/L on hourly is very low. Currently nothing is float. This is important because some system can show great gains but will be having a float loss hidden behind. But in case of our trade copier, what you see is what you will get on your account.

The monthly return for January is 15%. It was 23% in December. So very profitable.

Every single week since launch has been positive. We are in current week with a solid gain of 3.5%. We recognise a straight 3-4% return a week will get us to 12-15% return every month. That is something no one on internet is able to produce other than our trade copier.

Get on board if you would like to start making wealth and returns. Our motto in November was to "Double your capital in 12 months" We are living upto our vision.

To start, simply email us at

The eligibility to start is:
- Min trading capital of $10,000
- Good MT4 broker with good spreads and execution
- Good leverage of 1:400

If you staisfy these criteria, you can join right away and see it work. No upfront fees. Only performance fees at end of month which is to settled by client separately.



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